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Item no : 14-K401
Item name : Spoke Torque Wrench Set

Applications :
Spoke Torque Wrench Set
The Spoke Torque Wrench Set allows you to care for your wheels, true and maintain the desired tension of your spokes.
It provides four wrenches, the following sizes are included in the set:
No. 1:5.6mm、5.7mm、6.0mm、6.3mm、6.6mm、6.8mm
No. 2:5.0mm、5.4mm、5.8mm、6.2mm、6.4mm、7.0mm
No. 3:5.1mm、5.5mm、6.1mm、6.5mm、6.7mm、6.9mm
No. 4:4.0mm、7.1mm、7.4mm、5.6mm、6.0mm、6.2mm

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